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Vince Lynch is a published writer and one of the top Conversational Persuaders in the world. He figures in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Nice, Barcelona and more. Vince has lectured at universities and various conferences around the world. Currently Vince is using knowledge of psychology to have successes in advertising and marketing both in offline and internet marketing.  Since he was 16 Vince Lynch wanted to be a philosopher, when it was pointed out that philosophy wasn’t a serious career I decided to become a hypnotist. It was a video similar to the one as shown by Derren Brown below that prompted my decision.




Ever wanted to be able to do stuff like this?

Regardless of how Derren brown achieved that, I didn’t want to do the trick, i wanted to be able to actually go on stage and explain how all of this works, to demonstrate philosophy in action. By the end of reading this letter you will understand and gain abilities in:

  • human influence

  • decision-making

  • attracting attention

  • effective rapport management

  • persuading others

  • and so much more…

It’s my aim to empower you to realize your unexplored potential, making your skillset more complete and unique. I guess I picked the topic of hypnosis, because it both  has so many people interested in it, and it has great importance for some of the big questions of human life, namely consciousness, where does it come from and how does it work? There are a variety of misconceptions about hypnosis;

Misconceptions about hypnosis

● Only some people can be


● Hypnotized subjects are only acting??

● Someone can get stuck in  hypnosis??

● Hypnosis is dangerous??

● Hypnosis isn’t part of  psychology??

● YOU have to want hypnosis

to work for it to work??

● Its gullible people that get hypnotized?

 None of the above misconceptions are true, as can be seen in the below videos; Guy gets naked. Girl gets stuck to the wall. Feet stuck to floor

“Why I became good at hypnosis?”


Upon attending this presentation there are problem questions you want to know the answers to?

  • how can I use hypnosis to make others do what I want, when I don’t really believe or know exactly what I want?

How I can use this kind of persuasion;

  • to get rich, without been greedy or caring about money?
  • How can I use it to close deals without being a salesperson

Hopefully by the end of this post your outlook on that will be completely different.


Whats the ‘METHOD’ to hypnotize someone?

How do you get them into a hypnotic trance? The NUMBER #1 reason why new hypnotists fail to become amazing at hypnosis… is they struggle to accept that there is no method.

You always hear people say that they want a Ferrarri, or a nice house.

Ferrari_F430_front_20080605 I sometimes ask those people

- Oh, do you want to hire staff?


they say “Nah I never really wanted that”

they say “Nah I never really wanted that”- Oh, do you want to screw people over?

- Would you take out a 30k loan and bet it on the stock market?

they say “Nah thats too risky”

- Are you going to setup an ebay business

they say “Everyone does that, whats the competitve advantage?”


They want the Ferrari but when you ask them about other things they aren’t prepared to do, it suddenly seems as if all they want the Ferrari but they aren’t willing to go out there way to get it.


What exactly is free will?

I’m going to add some detail to analyse what I believe I’m thinking of. [1] it’s incredibly common the phrase don’t think of a black

1321389696465099905Young Polar Bear.svg.hi

cat, in the 2010 sci-fi film Inception featuring Leo Dicapro and directed by Christopher Nolan they use the phrase

“don’t think of elephants as an example of how they achieve inception”



You don’t need consciousness to make decisions

The famous “Stroop Effect” is named after J. Ridley Stroop who discovered this strange phenomenon in the 1930s. Here is your job: name the colors of the following words. Do NOT read the words…rather, say the color of the words. For example, if the word “BLUE” is printed in a red color, you should say “RED”. Say the colors as fast as you can. It is not as easy as you might think!

How tall is the tallest redwood tree?


Would you say the tallest redwood tree is higher or lower than 600 feet?


Hilgard (1977) suggested a model of cognitive control in which action schemata (which he called cognitive control structures) compete amongst themselves such that the strongest at any given moment comes to control behaviour…. (D ZOLTAN 2006)

According to Norman and Shallice (1986) The schema with the most activation is the one that wins. The level of activation of a schema is determined by the match of the schema’s trigger conditions with the conditions that actually obtain, and by the lateral excitation and inhibition between schemata (mutually incompatible schemata inhibit each other; cooperating schemata excite each other)

The tallest redwood tree is?

 369 feet high. If you guessed extremely higher or lower its because we benchmarked the question to lead around the 600 foot mark.

Does Free Will exist? Or matter?


Benjamin Libet in 1958 discovered… that in a study where a participant was asked to decide and

then press a button with one of their two hands, using an EEG cap, they could monitor the electronic

impulses in the brain, of which they discovered the impulse to lift the hand the subject decided to

lift was already present before the decision to lift that hand took place. At the time this study could

anticipate this decision up to 2 seconds in advance of making a decision.


More modern studies into free will have shown that these same impulses for example, what to think

of in response to “decide to think about, and name an animal” can allow the scientists opportunity

with NMRI to anticipate the outcome of the decision making process currently up to 12 seconds in



So, it seems the case that, a feeling or an impulse around a choice exists for a much longer time than we think

Daniel Kahneman is one of my favourite writers on the subject, he says “words and other stimuli activate relevant mental processes” and

 that “once these are ‘switched on’ this cognitive machinery remains accessible for a while, influencing subsequent thoughts and actions.

“When the handsome and confident speaker bounds onto the stage, for example, you can anticipate that the audience will judge his comments more favourably than he deserves.” Kahneman, D. (2011:7)

Lessons from Economics in Persuasion


There are many widely used persuasion techniques such as these that are used in advertising,

internet marketing, and persuasion, such as;

i. Pacing and leading what someone knows onto something more exciting. FITDT (foot in the

door technique)

ii. Reciprocity; we inherently want to return a favour; often a little courtesy can go a long way,

and that often when we do a small kindnesss for someone we can usually can get a little

favour back. Robert_Cialdini

iii. Social proof: we look to our peers for deciding whats acceptable and desirable.

iv. Authority; we look up to those that are knowledge barers within a field of expertise.

v. Repetition, people take time to make some big decisions.

vi. Scarcity; creating a situation where there is far more demand than supply.

vii. Anchoring; a figure that is anchored, will cause the subject to do mental accounting 20%

above or below it.

The four most exciting ones here are, Pacing and leading, reciprocity, repetition and anchoring;

Pacing and Leading

Let’s take this advertising and relate it to psychology;

“Hey lead, that topic area rocks!”, according to NLP rapport is about matching another person’s world,  this often means describing pictures, using similar language, and understanding the feeling and mood of who we are talking to. “if you communicate in the same type of representational language  as the person your speaking with, you will be able to have them better connect and understand your  message”.

Foot in the door technique


In an early study, a team of psychologists telephoned housewives in California and asked if the women would answer a few questions about the household products they used. Three days later, the psychologists called again. This time, they asked if they could send five or six men into the house to go through cupboards and storage places as part of a 2-hour enumeration of household products. The investigators found these women were more than twice as likely to agree to the 2-hour request than a group of housewives asked only the larger request.


Useable examples:

“Can I go over to Suzy’s house for an hour?” followed by “Can I stay the night?”

“Can I borrow the car to go to the store?” followed by “Can I borrow the car for the weekend?”

“May I turn in the paper a few hours late?” followed by “May I turn it in next week?”

Social Proof Technique


Leveraging social proof in web marketing:

  • Services like MyBlogLog that display the picture and username of recent visitors to the site

  • Facebook-leveraging visit tracking software that shows recent friends of yours who’ve engaged with the site you’re visiting (even more relevant and social proofy)


  • Testimonials on landing pages and in sales copy. Those that feature photos, have titles and full names and relate to the visitor work best

  • Network-effect services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn touting their fast-growing and far-reaching memberships and usage

80ofpickup l

Scarcity Marketing

groupon (1)

Scarcity marketing involves motivating people to buy something by telling them there is a shortage in what is available and a limited time to act. The goal is to create a sense of urgency through an aggressive call to action; to make people scared that they will not be able to acquire something that they want if they don’t act fast.

Useable examples:

“I’m just in town for the night”

“I’m just in the area very briefly, are you available for a quick meeting”

The Art of the Autoresponder


Catch a wave while it’s hot;

I remember a few years ago a hypnotherapist told me their business tactic and I thought “wow, that’s

good”. In hindsight it might appear obvious, but… it was pointed out that the moment a lead (anyone)

fills in a capture form, or likes a Facebook status… you’ve got to make contact, and quickly call them  up (if possible). I was told you had roughly a twenty minute window until the need the customer has becomes  subsided and they begin thinking about other areas of their life, “pick up the kids”, “buy the groceries”.

leads23 (1)

What exactly is rapport?

“People like people like them” We use rapport to grab people’s attention. As we’re easily persuaded by those we feel good about.

Ross Jeffries “To lead someone to a better place, they have to believe you  know where they are currently at; that you know them, and that you know  yourself to lead them there”


Robert Cialdini “Only by first aligning yourself with the direction of the horse is it possible to then slowly and deliberately steer it where you’d like to go.  Simply trying to pull the horse in the desired direction immediately will just


wear you out and probably just upset the horse in the process”.

NLP Definition: “The Rapport is the unconscious matching process that occurs

when two people meet” [15]

What does Jordan Belfort say about rapport?


Jordan Belfort (born July 9, 1962) is an American author and motivational speaker who was convicted of crimes related to stock market manipulation and running a boiler room for which he spent 22 months in jail


Things you need to have to sell.

1) Enthusiastic as Hell.

2) You have to be sharp as a tack

3) Authority, expert, special knowledge,

Enthusiastic as hell


1) Enthuastic as hell. -


You’ve got to hide it, like you need to make you’re self like ‘Yo this my life, and … like, i’m completely at one with myself, nothing else matters but this single moment in time….. and, I’ve never felt so ultimately furfilled, and enthuastic”


– but like, you can’t let anyone else like, know they are the reason, or, any other thing aroudn you be the reason for you’re happiness, it needs to be a secret.

Like, but then, the moment someone, looks at you, for the briefest you’ve got to just briefly shine this mammoth enthuasism, as if they discovered the secret for themselves.

- that really works.


Why you need to get excited

  • 90% of succeeding is being excited.
  • Almost everyone can be excited for 2-3 months
  • The very few can stay really excited for 2-3 years.
  • A winner stays excited for 30 years, or however long it takes to win.
  • If you don’t have a dream your dead.

(source: Art Williams)

2) One of the reasons that you ‘get an education’ isn’t necessarily because the education provides you with the knowledge to work.


Sharp as a tack


My first degree was psychology-related and at the time I was already teaching hypnosis and NLP around the world… in fact before I studied my degree I was already teaching.

The thing is; there is always that concern that someone else is;

- smarter than you

- better than you

- going to sue you

- that your going to look stupid for sayign something wrong

- or that your information is incorrect


So you keep researching for that ‘magic bullet’ – you don’t know the things you don’t know, but getting a ‘good education’ gives you the confidence that you’ve worked hard, paid alot of money, and been surrounded by brillant minds, so now when you go into a meeting your not wondering whether your the brighest person in the room on the topic you’ve studied, you kind of say to yourself.. I’ve done three years of this, three years is enough… I know enough to boldly state my views and make an impact on the world.


Authority, Expert, Special Knowledge


3) those who can’t ‘teach’ – you know I really hate that line because its totally untrue, the truth is that you should probably be teaching the things that you find really interesting and that you’re currently innovating within.

If you’re not innovating, if you’re not moving then it’s really hard to have confidence,

We all do thing’s for different reasons, but it’s your feeling of making an impact on the world that gives you independence and strength. however there is a risk that if the thing you’re fighting for you don’t really care about… then your not going to go that extra last inch.


“Mental Toughness”

Object relations and mental toughness. The margin for error is so small, one half a step left or right and you don’t make it, one half a second too slow too fast you don’t quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us”

 ”You know when you get old in life, things get taken from you, you know that’s part of life.. you find out, that life is this game of inches”414XdC1gNQL._ Eric Thomas

Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life – In a society where people blame everything

from their parents to the government for failure, those who don’t buy into this mentality or

succumb to the “victim” thinking succeed. To blame something or somebody outside yourself

is saying they have control of your life and not you. Someone else’s opinion of you doesn’t

have to become your reality

Hult Lecture

That Inch

We fight for that inch, in any fight, it’s the guy who’s willing to die who will win



The Wright Brothers: No Money,

didn’t tell anyone what they were doing,

no plan, no intellect, no team,

crashed 20 times a day, bet everything

lost everything hundreds of times


(Watch @ 8:15 for wright brothers section)


No one knowswho Samuel Pierpont Langley is.

When you ask why people fail, they always give you some permutation of the same three things.

  1. Undercapitalized

  2. The wrong people

  3. Unfavorable market conditions

Langley was given $50K by the War department to figure out this flying machine. Held seat at Harvard and worked at Smithsonian. He was extremely well connected. He had access to the greatest funds and the greatest minds. He hired the greatest minds available, and the market conditions were fantastic. The NY Times followed him everywhere, everyone was rooting for him. But we’ve never heard of Samuel Pierpont Langley.

You want to know how to be successful?

“sex, I dont remember the last time I had sex…. I dont have sex, it’s not even about the money… I dont remember the last time I looked at my balance, or bought myself something… all i care about is music, I want to make music.. hard work, that’s all I care about” Lil Wayne

“work man work, fuck you all in the streets talking about what you do and you ain’t doing it, fuck you all in the club looking like you do something… and you dont really do it” lil wayne

“They gave me their card, and I didn’t stop calling their card, from 8-9am in the morning until 9pm at night, and then at night I got the pager number, and I was paging….. I kept beeping them…” “When I finally got through on the phone they told me… if your an artist, then just do it, everything is going to come in your way, every obstacle is going to come in your way”… the “people who didn’t work hard for their money they dont’ even know what to do with it, because they don’t know what the money does, what it took to get it, what its capable of…. it’s you” Lil Wayne’s answer to people asking him “how can I be successful in my life?”

Be prepared to change BIG

You don’t have time to do everything, do the quick wins. Chase the big money, if its not scalable don’t do it, if its hard to achieve then you know you’ve got a monopoly.. and work relentlessly, don’t do anything other than your goal, don’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t fuck, stay hungry… literally. pursuit               You know when you get old in life things get taken from you. That’s, that’s part of life. But, you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out that life is just a game of inches. So is football. Because in either game life or football the margin for error is so small. I mean one half step too late or to early you don’t quite make it. One half second too slow or too fast and you don’t quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They are in ever break of the game every minute, every second. “I’ll tell you this in any fight it is the guy who is willing to die who is going to win that inch. And I know if I am going to have any life anymore it is because, I am still willing to fight, and die for that inch because that is what LIVING is. The six inches in front of your face.” – Al Panchino  

What to do with ones life?














What to do with your life?

Fortunately or unfortunately I believe that unless you give up anything that is unnessary, or unesstential that isn’t the number one thing that enhances your primary objective. Then you’ll just bleed chips until you are just above surviving. Maybe I’m wrong. But that exact thing happened to me more times than I can remember.

It might be that one drink, or that one cigerette, that extra bagel, that conversation with a friend, I think people do what they believe is most essential, vital for their survival in any given moment, but I think people are inherently optimistic and believe they are going to continue into the future, that we all think ourselves gods. No! Gods will is to take what you can get and pour every inch of your soul and resources to get more. This choice is your one gift, to not take it, literally is to give up your soul.
When you decide what to do with your life, consider three things;
- the dream
- the worst case scenario, you failing, being homeless etc.
- your average habits, general trend.
Now think of this, suppose your general trend didn’t matter, I.e how many hours you sleep per night, your rules, how many meals per day you have, how many breaks you take, how many pointless conversations you have per day, how many decisions you drag out rather than immediately making, consider; would it be possible to achieve your dreams if you bent the rules, cheated yourself out of your habits and into your goal, probably.
Alot of us, want big things today, as if it’s winning the lottery. Jordan Belfort says “there’s only one way to get rich… Quickly” because your a creature of habit your speed of output dictates your success but your output is inefficient because of the habits you have that you don’t even enjoy. You enjoy gods gift, the ability to unfold yourself, to build on the previous days successes.

Jordan Belfort continues….. ” to get all the pieces in place might take a long time. It might mean there are a thousand pieces and if any one of those pieces is wrong, it will fail, but when you get those pieces in place, the machine is ready, and it’s like magic.

I watch these motivational videos nearly every morning; – Art Williams “Just do it” – Al Pancino – “Every little inch” – Rocky Balboa “Speech to son” – Hip Hop Preacher “How bad do you want it?” – Alan Watts “What do you desire?” – Simon Sinek “Start with why” – Mycomeup “50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Muhammed Ali, Steve Jobs” – Robert Greene “Self Reliance” – Robert Greene “90% of your actions come from boredom” – Robert Greene “What your looking forward to” – Jordan Belfort “Theres only one way to get rich… quickly” – The Men Who built America “Traits of a Titan” – Lil Wanye, “I don’t eat, I don’t fuck, I don’t act like I’m something… I don’t do what I think is cool, I WORK!”


I’m going to offer you part of my persuasion system for free

Hero's Bargain




Hero's Bargain (1)



Hero's Bargain (2)


Hero's Bargain (3)


Hero's Bargain (4)


Hero's Bargain (5)


Hero's Bargain (6)


Hero's Bargain (7)


Hero's Bargain (8)


Hero's Bargain (9)


Hero's Bargain (10)


Hero's Bargain (11)


Hero's Bargain (12)


Hero's Bargain (13)


Hero's Bargain (15)


Hero's Bargain (16)


Hero's Bargain (17)


Hero's Bargain (18)


Hero's Bargain (19)


Hero's Bargain (20)


Hero's Bargain (21)


Hero's Bargain (22)


Hero's Bargain (23)


Hero's Bargain (24)


Hero's Bargain (25)

The above was just a small sample of some of the training in the program explained, we have another 3 persuasion books in the series ontop of all the hypnosis videos, and books. Sexual Capitalism is my seminar work, and it was developed over a 3 and a half year period travelling the world teaching persuasion, hypnosis, nlp, and pua courses.

Sexual Capitalism (my persuasion book) was wrote whilst practicising, teaching and educating, with a great deal of thought, the techniques described are the ones I did everynight, and taught my students performed and used in over 26 major cities around the world from Holland, to Spain, To Portugal, to America, Australia, United Kingdom, tried and tested and loved by my students. 

Ok, Now I’m Going to Sell to you… What would you say if I told you that my secrets can MAKE you fantastically rich & successful!

OK what would you say if I told you that I believe that my knowledge and secrets can not only make you fantastically able to pinpoint exactly what you want from others.. because you have the confidence to chase what you want, because you’d be sure of your ability to make anyone do anything…. that as a result of your confidence, your knowledge, your ability to pinpoint precisely what you want from others… you’d become fantastically rich?

You’ve probably read every piece of psychology advice out there.

And you’ve found little bits here and there useful…. but what has it actually DONE for you?

Vince Lynch, 26, UK

I’m Vince Lynch,

and I studied everything I could on psychology just over ten years ago.

I was intensely interested in philosophy, my father was a magician, and I was a geek. I loved computer programming and philosophy debates.

One day I was told ‘Hypnosis isn’t real’ and you know I really believed that…. and even if someone was to tell me ‘hypnosis is definitely real’ I wouldn’t give a fuck – because I don’t want to do something as cheesy and lame as hypnosis.

Philosophy teaches you that you must consider the argument in its entirety before you can notice its flaws, you must take the position that something is true in order to disprove it isn’t.

I decided to go out to my local nightclub to hypnotize girls… and I expected to fail…. But to my surprise it worked perfectly!

I had no idea what I was doing, and I had no idea how I did it, but I knew it worked, it was instant, her eyes were open, and she believed whatever I said. I was astounded.

Now just two years earlier I had stepped into my first nightclub. And it was like watching computer code, people were bouncing off each other’s energies.

I didn’t know the secret, I just saw people were responding to each other and the music, I copied the music and mimicked people’s responses, while acting as if I owned the space – and I kissed 328 girls that month and lost my virginity 8 times over. It was like a game

When I hypnotized that first girl, I had to understand what had happened… so I decided to go on a hypnosis course 2 days later.

I got on a train and travelled across the country and arrived at a hypnosis course, there were about 50 other students… I spoke to a few of them and told them what I did two nights ago, they didn’t believe me.

“Your too good looking Vince, people won’t trust that it isn’t your looks that gets all the girls” – Mystery

I asked the course instructors about what had happened.. and they accused me of being a liar “you can’t hypnotize like that – that’s impossible”

Apparently hypnotizing in noisy environments, on stages, with no hypnotic induction, and with the eyes open was impossible…. So I figured that I must have been using something called Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, which actually there was a course I could attend in the following weekend.

Before the weekend I had hypnotized girls over MSN messenger (text) to get naked, I had convinced girls in internet chat rooms that I was their boyfriend, and had made people in bars and the street forget their names.

On the NLP course, I learnt how to make people imagine they are walking down garden paths, progressive relaxations, and about eye movements… and that people represent information in different ways, like you have an audio part of your brain to hear sounds, a seeing part…

I didn’t use any of the information I paid thousands of pounds for… and even worse… when I told the course trainers what I was doing… they told me that it was impossible.

That you can’t hypnotize people over text while they are wide awake, that you can’t just walk up to someone and have them immediately forget their name… or convince a girl to be your girlfriend, or have a guy reveal his bank PIN number and hand over his wallet.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about me.

I’m Vince Lynch, and after writing a blog about Street Hypnosis in 2004…………..

I’ve been fortunate enough to speak for prestigious organisations, corporations, scientific institutions and government departments around the world.

My friends jokingly call me ‘The international superstar’. I turned full-time hypnosis trainer about 10 years ago, which has been an absolutely incredible journey. I saw hypnosis like a superpower, I wanted to be able to make anyone do anything, and as I got closer to that method more students wanted to learn from me…

See I learnt some strong lessons as a young teenager 1) that people are highly responsive to one another 2) that I can seem to get any hypnotic result in any context using basic psychology.

It was for this reason that;

I suspected that hypnosis didn’t exist and there could be a range of techniques that make it possible to subvert free will and gain control of someone else’s mind.

I thought this would be equivalent to having a superpower, like a superhero would, I didn’t care whether this was possible or not, because I would keep on trying and discussing, and practicing switching around different ideas and theories until I could literally demonstrate that

“It’s possible to make anyone do anything… without hypnosis”

This meant that I wasn’t wasting my time learning psychology that wasn’t applicable to the real world. And that I wouldn’t be developing techniques that would only work for a cheesy boring lame stage hypnosis show or even worse a long relaxing tiresome hypnotherapy session….

No, I knew that if I could do something amazing, then everyone else would want to be able to do it too. My blog received insane traffic for the time, I had over 2,000+ unique visitors a month and constant questions, and invitations to deliver trainings.

I ended up helping thousands of students around the world to perform street hypnosis, and these students paid for my flights, accommodation, and luxurious lifestyle throughout courses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, New York, Lisbon, Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona, Paris, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Melbourne.

Because they had to know the secrets that I was using

At first I was only able to do very basic things: I had a technique to make 46% of girls kiss me, a technique to make girls unable to talk to other guys, and could make most people forget their names in under 25 seconds.

And I was very good at those things, I used to set a timer on my phone before I went to speak to a group of people and see how quickly I could get one of those results.

I felt amazing, because I was getting such huge responses out of people, so quickly, with their eyes open, while them believing they are fully awake and normal.

However there were problems; often I would deliver my suggestions for a result and the subject would shake their head and disagree that it was working… and I would look silly for failing to achieve my goal.

For a long time I had work around solutions for this that I would teach to students to prevent them from failing to hypnotize so many subjects. One of these solutions was that the students should begin demonstrating hypnosis on one subject while watching who in the audience was watching, and then whoever seemed most interested to hypnotize them instead.

Another workaround, was to hypnotize more than one subject at a time, and then you would be able to test all 4 subjects and see who was responding the best and keep only them.

This seemed like a very hit and miss style of techniques.

Been ‘arrested’ for hypnotizing girls



I have something to confess, when I first began hypnosis despite been slightly more switched on and knowledgeable than most, I found myself hypnotizing a much higher percentage of people over text than in person.

I didn’t know how to explain this, for years; even in 2007 I was still questioning why I was having this difficulty.

Online talking to girls in chat-rooms, adding random people on MSN messenger, resulted in an 83% chance of me achieving all the phenomena I wanted to achieve with them.

It was easy to repeat the system over and over because there was such a huge population of people online, who were instantly available.

Yet, when I went into the nightclubs to hypnotize… despite being quick I was getting results more like 23%… hypnotizing roughly 1 in 5 people.

These results were only slightly better than the 20% a stage hypnotist gets. Remember how a stage hypnotist has twenty participates on stage and he keeps only five of them to perform all the hypnotic phenomena.

My logic with the internet text hypnosis – was good though.

I hypnotized someone on the internet within a couple of days of first reading the word ‘hypnosis’ in a book and setting out on my journey to prove that hypnosis is fake.

However, I figured that if I was going to hypnotize someone over text, I would need a way of making sure that they are responding to me  – have their eyes open – are wide awake – so they could read my text – but simultaneously know that they are stuck in hypnosis.

TV Mind Reader ‘Derren Brown’

I decided to steal a language pattern I heard Derren Brown perform…

I began chatting to this girl on the internet, and I knew I was going to hypnotize her, but I didn’t know how to ensure she definitely was responding before I could take her to the places I wanted her to go.

So then these words started been typed from my fingertips they said

“which one of those two hands do you type best with if you could only type with one hand?”

And she answered “right”

So I said “just place that left hand down on the table and press it into the table as if its sticking tightly to the table, its stuck, and if you were to try and lift that hand, you’d realize its stuck down now, you just can’t lift it and that’s a weird feeling right”

She typed “yes”

So I wrote “in a moment when I type the word RED that hand will only be able to lift then, the reason it lifts is because you completely forget your name you’ll have no idea what your name is… RED.. and that hand lifts but you can’t work out your own name”

I said “what’s you name try and type it?”

She typed “oh what? I can’t actually remember my own name?” I then proceeded to perform every hypnotic routine on her imaginable.

I had decided that some hypnotic phenomena like ‘arm levitation’ give the hypnotic subject a strong sense that they are the one’s lifting their own arm, and therefore were poor to use to demonstrate that the subject was ‘under your influence’.

And because they didn’t have a ‘set moment’ when they began and ended, then this made them poor to link to causing something else to occur, particularly something as well defined as themselves.

Whereas a ‘Binary Phenomena’ such as ‘hand stuck to the table’ provided an opportunity to cause an experience of being out of control in a hypnotic subject, and lead this experience onto another equally dramatic automatic unconscious response.

Because it stands to reason, if you are to link two things together – where one should cause another, then the power of the thing that caused it, affects the strength of the result in the effect.

See, I worked on a hypnosis theory that said that hypnosis subjects change over time in hypnotisability; where subjects would have their hypnotisability shift over 40 minute periods due to brain-sleep rhythms or cycles constantly going on in the brain.

In the end I learnt that this theory was bullshit, but at the time it allowed me to work with subjects that other hypnotists claimed were difficult or impossible, because I believed I could hypnotize these subjects its just they needed to be in the right mood, and that they would come back to that mood in a moment and then I would be able to hypnotize them.

However this meant that I would wait around and then come back to subjects, so slowly throughout an evening I would show one person one thing ‘a psychological experiment’ while speaking to them, I would use this to assess their responsiveness, if they seemed responsive I would immediately work with them, and if they seemed unresponsive I would come back to them in 40 minutes – the theory went that if I did this all night it would be theoretically possible to hypnotize everyone in the venue.

This is a photo from a recent lecture I ran for a neuroscientific organisation

One of the best things that I thought was about this theory – was the actual true piece of research that was done – that showed once someone had become responsive to hypnotic suggestions then this responsiveness is a trait that lasts about 25 years.

So even those I succeeded with, I wouldn’t have to immediately work with, I could come back to them while I worked on looping around the room until they were up to speed.

This was clearly inefficient, in late 2007 I was working on an idea. The idea was fairly simple.

I wanted to perform hypnosis at a party, or an event, and dress it up as mind reading, but on a randomly selected participant.

However, it needed to be guaranteed that no one knew I was a hypnotist, and that I managed to perform a ‘mind reading’ routine using hypnosis as the method.

It didn’t have to be that I could hypnotize ‘anyone’ who was randomly selected to come up on stage.

Because I figured throughout the course of the evening I would be working with 10+ people doing various magic routines on them, and then when I found someone who responded to the hypnotic tests I gave them, then I’d use that subject and make them do something for a mind reading routine but without it looking like hypnosis.

So I figured that I would test every participant who comes up on stage to see if I can make their arm stiff and rigid like a steel bar – to the point where the subject could no longer move their arm.

If the subject was unable to move their arm, then I would somehow deliver the suggestion for the subject to “tell me your PIN number” without the audience hearing me say those words. And without realizing that the stiff arm I just performed wasn’t hypnosis.

I couldn’t think of a way to do it, the first thing I decided was I could make the subjects hand stuck to my hand – in the form of a kind of handshake, that way I would be able to test my subjects responsiveness who came on stage without having to make them participate in this ‘special arm activity’ that looks insanely like hypnosis.

Then the problem of having them tell me their PIN number.

See it’s not hard to make a subject reveal their secrets… that isn’t the problem. Although saying that – I was told by all these hypnosis training companies – that you can’t make a hypnosis subject contradict their own consent.

Getting to discuss ideas with Ross Jeffries to deliver a workshop to students.

Now, I always thought that making people do things without their consent was the whole point of hypnosis.

So I had already developed plenty of techniques to trick people into breaking their ethics, morals, and values – their consent. That bit was easy, and I learnt how to do that from the book “hypnotism and warfare” by George Estabrooks who was a hypnotist employed by the US military to design ways of creating hypnotic sleeper cells to operate behind Russian borders as spies without being detected.

He gave the example of two soldiers who were best friends. He hypnotized one of them in a room with the other and said “kill the man sitting across the table from you” to which the subject didn’t respond.

Then he said “there is a communist sitting across from you and he is going to kill you and your family and friends, you need to do something about it”. And the solider dived across the room to kill his friend.

See the reason the solider didn’t do it before was because he simultaneously was responding to the environmental conditioning that implied that the guy sitting across the table was his friend, so thus he didn’t want to kill him – because he’s his friend.

But the moment there was a life threatening issue – as far as the belief was concerned of the solider, he attempted to kill his friend and was nearly successful.

See when I decided to go from a handshake, to making someone tell me their PIN number, I knew it was guaranteed that I would get their PIN number because I would word it correctly according to George Estabrook’s model.

And I also would know the subject is perfect because I had tested their responsiveness with the handshake. However,  I didn’t solve the issue of the audience hearing me ask the suggestions for the subject to tell me their PIN number, and then hearing the subject say their PIN number to me.

Thus I would be unable to look like a mind reader, and I would certainly look like a hypnotist, this was not my intended result.

What I decided I would do, is not ask for the subject’s PIN number. I instead would have the subject believe the PIN number I said was their PIN number.

I then figured that the way to do this would be to compare the fact the subject certainly know’s their PIN number to begin with, and then pace and lead this to the fact they will believe the PIN number I say to be their PIN number.

I figured that, if I could sound like I was merely announce the PIN number the subject was thinking of, by asking them to think of their number to begin with.

Then because of primacy effect and latency effect in working memory in psychology – then the audience would only remember the first thing’s I say and the last things I say, and would largely forget what I say in between the “think of your PIN number” and the “I read your mind, and your PIN number is, and your impressed”

Therefore I could largely deliver the suggestions for the subject to believe the PIN number I say, is their PIN number during the middle of it.

I had long known that not mentioning you’re a hypnotist, can still mean you’re able to hypnotize, as long as your subject believes they are participating in something else, like a magic trick.

In fact, I went on dates with girls, who believed that their was glue on the table, because their hands would get stuck to it, and they believed this because they had no idea I was a hypnotist and using hypnotic language.

See, this PIN number routine – as developed above, became the centrepiece of my new hypnotic language. I found a way I could hide suggestions from anyone listening around me – checking whether I was being ethical when I hypnotized.

“hypnotizing playboy bunny girls – Las Vegas” They both gave spent the entire night on the phone to me following this


But This Is Not About Me – This Is About You!

It really doesn’t matter how covertly, reliably & quickly I can hypnotize people, the quality of the training course is dictated by how successful the students of the course become at this art.

I know plenty of course trainers out there, who despite having stage shows and hypnotherapy rooms – couldn’t teach jack about ‘Street Hypnosis’ how to hypnotize strangers – anywhere.

They just don’t have the experience in doing working in environments with that level of resistance, and many can’t teach because they haven’t spent enough time coaching, listening, and working with students.

Our street hypnotism online training is considered by many as providing the best training within this field.

Honestly, I thought pick up artistry was lame. These guys seemed crazy and to over-complicate something so simple, and the psychology they listed I felt like was something that you would read out the back of a women’s gossip magazine. It was utter nonsense pop psychology that was often difficult to use and sought no results.

Let’s put it this way, I had kissed over 328 girls in my first month, and the reason I didn’t carry on counting was because I was too freaking young to count numbers that big – I’m joking about the counting – but seriously there was just no point counting them.

See the reasons that I knew it was possible to hypnotize everyone, was because before I even started hypnosis – I already kept a diary of detailed statistics of how many girls I was kissing, how often, how I was doing it, how many approaches I made, what happened, and I would go out every single evening.

I can tell you those stats now, club population 700 people… 350 of them girls.  20 of them beautiful, approach 12 of them, kiss 4-5, now I knew if I played those 4-5 girls off each other, and I was hard to get, I pushed and pulled them, and spent the whole evening slowly coming back to them, re-interacting. And then did an accidental close “hey, I’m going this way, we should share a taxi” then I would go home with the girl.

I knew the probabilities perfectly. I knew that the more hours a week I practiced a certain killer smile in the mirror, and an exact response calibration through a series of looks and glances exchanged with a girl across the room, that I could definitely get her.

Then my eyesight dropped off, probably because of all the years of staring at a computer screen – I found myself unable to see beyond 1-2-1 interaction with a stranger. And I couldn’t get contact lenses in my eyes.

I didn’t have the option to ‘work the room’ any longer from looking at people from afar and gaining compliance with them through mimicking them, and getting their attention from a distance.

No, at 19 I had to learn how to become a professional at getting responses higher than what I had been getting…. I wanted a way of approaching just one person, and always getting the result intended, but not just for picking up girls – I had grown tired of that… I wanted to be able to convince people into doing whatever I say… just purely to demonstrate that its possible.

I wanted to be able to hypnotize everyone, and for it to be covert; the covert part I was starting to work out, as I had this way of speaking that could make someone go against their own will to consent, and was covert at least to the audience about what I was doing with the hypnosis subject.

I was in Leicester square, London, and I went to speak to this promoter – I didn’t notice she had her boyfriend with her, I said “what’s your number, like you’re favourite number on a scale of 1-10 just say 1?” and if they said “1” or “7” I would know the person I said this to is good.

Then I said “you know when you feel like you can do anything, like your really happy to give me that, answer this question, if you had one super power what would it be?”

To which she answered “to be invisible”  I said “hey, it’s really nice meeting you” and she kissed me.  Then her boyfriend proceeded to go absolutely crazy at me, and I said… “dude man, I didn’t know she’s your girlfriend and I don’t know what just happened”.

And I quickly left.

This was one of the early one’s where I successfully was delivering this double talk, that seemed to make some people respond.

Another time in Las Vegas, I went to hypnotize two bunny girls in Bikini’s in Fremont Street and I said “as your fingers come together and you feel that attraction building, how do you describe those feelings you feel with me right now” what happened was the girls both insisted on writing their phone numbers across their chest.

And despite me leaving to get back to work they were dropping me phone calls throughout the night asking if they could come to my hotel or whether I could come to their house.

It took me a while to develop the covert suggestion side, you see people often know exactly what you’re doing. But that doesn’t stop you getting the intended result.

I had started performing this routine, where I would “stick a girls hand to my hand” and then I would just sit down on a bench/seat near by and expect her to sit down to, but because my hand was stuck to hers, then I would choose the arm far-est away from her, and would pull her onto me while saying “and you just sit down” while pulling her onto my lap.

And she would sit there, partially because moving further away is too difficult – as her arm was stuck, but largely because she felt like she had to, because she just did it unconsciously.

I would then often start mentioning “love”

I did this three times, and got slapped in the face three times with statements like “I can see what you’re doing” before I stopped using this technique.

See even though it seemed to be I was ‘failing’ at reaching my goal of covertly hypnotizing everyone to completely do what I say regardless of ethics, and them or no one around to know anything strange was occurring.

Even though it seemed I was failing at this time, I wasn’t’ I actually had made some massive discoveries and I was on to one of my biggest ones yet.

When I was teaching my students that you couldn’t spot who was a good hypnotic subject, I was lying….

You can spot good hypnotic subjects, but you can’t spot somnambulists (those who are high hypnotizables naturally)….. the reason I never told students this was because they would start stereotyping and judging people about who is a good hypnotic subject, based on other features down to their personal prejudices “he’s too old”, “she’s too pretty”, “he’s too cocky”, “he thinks too much”, “she’s over analytical”, “he’s resistant”.

See since 2009 I started following a method, that I learnt in a business economics module that I studied from London School of Economics.

People always choose what offers the highest utility…. The easiest opportunity for the lowest cost, that offers the greatest rewards, providing the risk of something going wrong isn’t also great.

I figured that the reason why some subjects were better than others ‘ignoring the somnambulists’ wasn’t down to the fact that they were doing sleep cycles while awake or whatever.

No, it was that some people just find value in being with you, and these people who find value in you – are fascinated compliant subjects.

Now someone can be a fascinated compliant subject when  you meet them, but usually its in response to something you do.

And people can be taught how to be fascinated and compliant, by showing that you’re a good opportunity for them, or by realigning their risks, costs, benefits in their life through a brief conversation about priorities, and core inner feelings.

Then I realized that groups had a hierarchy that could easily be beaten. And I already knew that you needed to use accidental escalation to progress through stages of social interaction without getting caught.

And I noticed that the qualities of my personality were in supply and demand in different places.

The way I learnt all this came from a little conversation I had with a girlfriend of mine, she said to me “Hypnosis isn’t real – look at stage hypnotists all their subjects on stage are playing along because they are on stage”

I said to her “yes but you’ve seen me hypnotize hundreds of people and they all seemed out of control right and not playing along” she said “yes, but”

The but was, as she said “your good looking and confident Vince and seem to know what your talking about, girls want to get with you so she does what you want, and guys want to be like you, so they do what you want”

You know, what my girlfriend said really upset me, because I thought

“Jeez she doesn’t believe hypnosis is real yet I’ve taught hypnosis to people all around the world”

The thing is, I knew there was some truth in what she was saying… because actually since 2006 I had started ‘dressing down’ when going out to perform hypnosis. what I mean is, I started purposely not trying to be good looking, to be well dressed, or too professional, I tried to look just above normal.

Why did I do this, because it pushed my hypnosis results up, I didn’t know why it did, it just did – I said it prevented resistance “ I think when I’m good looking people feel threatened by me” would have been one of my initial early thoughts.

Later I discovered about the economic games people play with their attention and the purposes those games serve.

She was definitely right about the girls ‘fancying me’ because many of the girls who I was hypnotizing were below my par of what I expected to go on dates with, I wouldn’t have considered the girls I was hypnotizing to be girlfriend material.

However, even though I knew this, I was still annoyed at the criticism my girlfriend threw at me, because… I couldn’t just hypnotize a girl who fancied me, actually a girl explicitly fancying me was a poor subject.

The girl had to be ‘just below my par’ but not have realized she fancies me yet- that’s all the information I knew at the time.

Eventually I discovered the secret that allowed me to dress as stylishly as I wanted, to be as chiselled and good looking as I wanted, and to spot fascinated interested subjects, and to convert those who weren’t into excitable people.

I learnt my ex was correct. See when she said “people play up to you” I felt like she was saying, they are just acting.

The truth is, they were playing up to me, because they were identifying with the set up I had. And they were playing up without knowing they were acting, they were doing it purely for the economic reasons.

When people are gambling they become very superstitious, and when a person goes from being a non-risk taker, to a high risk taker because they encounter value then they tend to take every sign or clue they have seriously, and copy and treat it as if it has some kind of significant meaning over their inner working.

I learnt that you could hand a deck of cards to a participant, and based on how they cut the deck, you’d know whether they were copying you precisely.

And I learnt that the reason why I couldn’t dress as stylishly as I wanted was that ‘people play whatever game is in front of them’ if the game is “who’s the most good looking” then they will play that. If the game is “he’s trying to pick me up” then they’ll play that.

However, if the game is to concentrate, be emotional, and listen/comply to this guy, without the distractions of “does he believe he’s better looking than me”, “is he trying to steal our girls”, “is he trying to pick me up”.

Then they’ll play that game. See people only can pay attention to one thing at once, and this part of the brain takes a long time to load up to a decent operating capacity for that task.

Yet people are easily distracted and the moment they are… they lose all their work on the task they’ve spent ten minutes loading so have to restart from scratch again.

It’s not that these people couldn’t be hypnotized by me, it’s that they got distracted by their own sense of time, space, immediacy, environment, value.

The moment I realized that all I needed to do was to change the value system of those around me,

Without making someone bring up misconceptions about hypnosis, about me,  and all I needed to do this was to be mega professional, kind hearted, humane, a genuine good listener, good at connecting with people, targeting groups where I’m in demand, avoiding people who play games,

And appearing not to have any ego or agenda myself,

Read What Some of The Participants Have Had 
about their experiences from my Training’s

“… This is the best hypnosis trainer out there…. he is clearly one of very few hypnosis trainers who actually does this stuff regularly, because he level of experience and attention to detail is perfect.- David, Switzland“Vince Lynch is one of the kindest and intelligent people that probably exist. He has this approach to hypnosis that I have witnessed with my own eyes, he has convinced girls that he is their boyfriend, he has made people on the underground forget their name. He’s the most loyal friend, and honest person I might ever meet”- Joao Blumel, TV Mentalist.. if you want to learn Street Hypnosis and about PUA & Psychology, this guy is your guy…. because his knowledge is so sophisticated, he tells you every little detail – he holds nothing back, and he makes it simple to understand and do.- Nicko Cambacho, Guam, USA

“… I learned so much from studying with Vince, its been a life changing event …”
- Ricko, Wales

“… The content is absolutely incredible.  I’m now able to go back with a huge amount of techniques and knowledge that are going to allow me to persuade and influence others.”

- Dibazar, San Francisco

“… the guy is a real genius. there isn’t anyone I have met, online, that has all the knowledge and experiences in such a concise clear manner. What I learned from him, honestly has made me feel so powerful.…”

- PUA Miami, USA

For nearly 10 years I’ve been coaching Street Hypnosis In Seminars,

Since then I have unleashed my materials into the online world.

The effect that the students from my course have is so profound,their entire persuasion, lifestyle completely changes, I’ve seen guys completely go from not having all the tools to being able to bring all the psychology they know into a single model… suddenly being able to persuade others to been able to hand over cash, or girls to become their girlfriends just through this simple method.

Their success stories are inspirational…

Check Out A Few of the Full 250 E Pack  Testimonials

“…I feel amazing, it has always been my dream to be able to be more of a social machine. I am able to achieve whatever goal I choose with whoever I speak to…. I’m planning on using this material within my corporate speaking business. It has already vastly improved my magic because now I’m able to perform without the tricks – just instead using the psychological techniques from this programme..” -Ama S, London
“…I didn’t trust hypnosis and things like that, but actually as soon as I went and read through the beginnings of the course and listened to the introductory Mp3. I listened to that and I almost felt like I was immediately able to get up and persuade and influence using your system”.MP, Columbia
“…This is the absolute perfect system, Full 250 E pack, this has been the sole responsible for my success. I have studied everything from other course providers and they did nothing for me, so I’m very thankful I came across your course. - N. Thompson, Australia
“…I used the techniques within the pack to begin an influence, and persuasion business where I would teach public speaking to those without confidence. Its a great feeling to know I can travel the world using these techniques and I’m not stuck in some dead end job… where you can’t stand to get up every morning, life is too short to live without this, honestly it really is.- Jones, USA
“… I have been looking into hypnotizing people with a covert conversational approach. I have bought a lot of products, Vince’s stuff is truly a blessing. I think its so easy to understand, cuts through the bullshit and I think its very easy for anyone to get instant results out of it… it was perfect for me.- Forbes, USA

One of the things you will notice from the testimonials that you have listened or read is that they are from people who you probably have never heard of.  They are ordinary people just like you that were looking for a proven way to make money on the Internet.

People are tired of reading sales copy that is littered with testimonials from Internet marketing gurus who also happen to be promoting whatever they are giving a testimonial for.

The above testimonials are solid proof that anyone can make money in this business.


Then suddenly I had a three month period where I didn’t fail to hypnotize anyone, and I hypnotize over 30 people a week, and often over 30 people a day!

Suddenly it didn’t matter how unique or interesting I was, because I countered it by being super nice. See you need to be unique or interesting in order to throw the value of a venue onto you, because that way you can gain attention from everyone instead of trying to be ‘better than them’ which is too competitive, you can win just by being different.

But being unique or different although is an OK marketing strategy because it differentiates you from your competition, the truth is it largely alienates people, and makes them feel like they don’t understand you, as if your “too head of your time”.

The way you fix that, is by connecting to the human needs of the person your speaking to, and then showing them that you’re a human also, but a highly organised professional one. And then requesting them to comply, or assuming they are because you can see their response is one of copying you and being fascinated and interested in everything you have to say.

That’s when I learnt that if you can tell someone what they need to do, they’ll do it, that most the time people do things because they think that’s what the situation calls for them to do, or the situation triggers them to do something because it just feels right.

So if you have someone who isn’t concentrating or listening to you, you can just ask them to, providing they don’t take this to mean “you’re not concentrating” and assume this as an insult and thus suddenly not concentrate on purpose.

That’s when I learnt about resistance and how it could be organised into actually activities that prove what you’re doing works, and finally I learnt the five steps to intercepting free will.

See, what I didn’t realize all these years, is that the vast majority of the hypnosis is done before you ever meet the hypnotic subject, and during the time you first begin speaking with the subject… really by that point the hypnosis doesn’t even matter anymore.

And that’s when I dropped it, and just continued without….

See, what happened is I now had discovered that psychology structured in this way, was the real hypnosis, and actually when I looked into the modern hypnosis research on the internet through Google scholar, I realized that hypnosis was no longer treated as a unique brain state, that instead it more like taking control of someone’s brain’s ability to call up data, and turn it into activities without conscious choice.

I had realized that you could

-         Double talk to hide suggestions

-         Pace and lead the exact opposite response into the one your causing

-         Modify the fascination of groups watching you

-         Ask for emotion and concentrational ability from your subjects

-         Teach people about how their mind works and that would modify how they judge and react to the way you speak and issue commands.

-         Suggest someone to believe they are completely out of control and stick them into listening to you with almost guaranteed kinaesthetic binary phenomena.

-         Use this binary phenomena to create a sense of being out of control.

-         And immediately swing that out of control into a high state of being emotional

-         And I could use that feeling to make the subject believe they are not being hypnotized,

-         That actually making a subjects confidence, free will, decision making, ability to make choices and consent to what they feel like – stronger, would actually cause them to do whatever I say.

-         That I could suggest a subject into not believing in suggestion, and completely prevent the subject from controlling their own free will as a result.

MTV Interview as “Hypnotist Vince Lynch”

I realized that this was it. I had worked it out when I achieved one of my wildest dreams to imagine myself walking into a boardroom for a multinational media corporation based in New York and having one of the corporates round the table claim she is my girlfriend.Or when I went for a meal with a table of international political officials and have them all believe that instead of us sharing the meal in New York we were really sharing it in Paris.

Or to be banned from plenty of famous bars and clubs you’d know in Ibiza for being “too dangerous” after successfully having strangers in the street hand me over large portions of cash just because of my short use of language.

Street Hypnosis – was the perfect breeding ground for the elusive ‘covert hypnosis’ to come out of. We made it our speciality to develop techniques, an attitude, a framework, tips, advice, protocol, training styles… for the purpose of teaching and handling the way strangers in the street understand how to interact when we approach them.

“Maxim Magazine appearance”

I can safely say that I don’t see street hypnosis…… as anything like the other forms (stage/hypnotherapy) they don’t look alike, they don’t use the same techniques, they don’t share the same problems and thus solutions.

When the word street hypnosis was coined, what we set out to do –was not to entertain, but to horrify, to alarm, to shock; to show the truth… that free will has been compromised… it can be done on a complete stranger who doesn’t care less, and doesn’t know you’re a hypnotist.. nor do you have to use hypnosis..

It’s no different to persuasion, but you’ll struggle to find anyone who can demonstrate their influence on a stranger… try googling for a video of a persuasion guru convincing a complete stranger to do anything. Sure, there’s only about 7 hours of me doing these things on the internet…. But I’ve got plenty more where that came from…

What our organization is doing… is big, and important in all lines of life. Some people who contact me are magicians who want to convince a stranger to forget their name, some people who contact me want to have more success with the opposite sex they want to convince strangers to fall in love with them, many people who contact me are just tired of reading popular psychology books and rehashed information… and what to actually be able to demonstrate something amazing.. in under 30 seconds.

I’ve been at the stage where I’ve had a training course once a week, for example this last month I was flown to speak in Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Melbourne all the space of a 45 days within each other.

“When you have a system to make anyone do anything then it will completely cause the world to come knocking at your doorstep” After having money spending issues all my life, the moment I learnt this system for how to persuade and influence others, my relationship with finance, security being a nice person to others, and how to be a highly organised person has been fixed.

People fly in from all around the world, to my courses. And I have people working for me around the clock making sure that my customers are getting the content they need to use these techniques across all the time zones.

And they did not leave disappointed.

These testimonials are not from mega Internet Gurus, no paid endorsements or incentavized testimonials.  Just ordinary people with real results.

“… Anyone who works with Vince, will know he can help you get all of the intellectual equipment assembled in your head to a point where you can get focused, and actually start believing in yourself that you can do this. Vince is sharing stuff with you that he probably shouldn’t even share with you.   If you are thinking about this course, and you really do want to have a persuasive influential life, there is truly no reason to hesitate.- Lee, USA
“…I studied with Vince Lynch nearly 8 years ago. and I think it was a completely accident that I found him. I was not looking to hypnotize anyone, or to use influence or persuasion or anything like that. Since then I don’t have arguments with anyone, I’m able to make anyone like me, want to do pretty much anything for me, my entire life is different… there are no doors to closed to me, I know every lock and key, I know how to open up anyone to work with me, whether it be girls, work orientated, sales presentations.. there is nothing I can’t structure using Vince’s sequence.- Packenman, UK
“…Vince is the only credible guru, or expert, who not only tells you how to covertly hypnotize and influence but he also tells you how to use it for all the topics that others shy away from, he could have just sold psycho-babble, or some easy fake sequence of language… he didn’t he told you the truth, the exact practices that work guaranteed…”
- Jackson, California
“…I would buy any product that Vince put’s out there. Because he is the real deal. If your thinking about anything to do with psychology.. don’t even think about it, run to it. take it, it will change your life, like he’s changing mine.”- Robin, USA

I Literally Wrote And Recorded Camtasia 
Videos For 3 months To Create The 
250 E-pack Online ‘Street Hypnotism’ Training

For months all I have done is wrote and recorded content, and what I have compiled is without a doubt the most comprehensive study package on how to hypnotize others to do what you want out there.

Many imitation courses have appeared, but none of them really have the detail required, because they don’t have the understanding of what the material really means because they lack the experience.

The details and guides within the pack are not transcripts of DVD’s or video.. they are real original unique works of art, describing exactly what you need to know, supported by a network of strategies to insure you learn effectively the whole context of the approach, unlike the imitators who only sell the effects, but without the core.

I prefer to give you access to all of the information at once (rather than in separate components) it just doesn’t make sense to teach you something you need to know ten weeks in the future in your first week of learning about the product.. By having all the components you can go through them at your own pace. I highly recommend that you make sure you read through all of the information before you start getting into bad habits working with strangers…

The techniques we offer are so simple, and powerful, that many people around the world have tried to create products that copy this. However these courses, or ebay ebooks have come close to the calibre of material in the 250 e pack or the testimonials, videos & photo’s that you’ll see on this page.


But This Is More Than Just A Course.
It’s the complete access to the most sophisticated
Street Hypnotism Community On The Internet!

If you’ve ever wanted to get working with people who are on exactly the same page as you, th

en this is honestly the most detailed thinking intelligent community for this online. Honestly this is one of the great things about joining the 250 E-pack members area.

My students and I are some of the most kind hearted and giving people in this industry. If you ever have any questions, they will be answered by someone who is willing to jump in and help you within hours.

They are not paid helping hands, they are ordinary ‘Street Hypnotists’ who are sharing their knowledge

Many of the best performing street hypnotists  out there have gained their knowledge from the material’s that are covered in the 250 E Pack, and most street hypnotists agree that students who train with Vince Lynch are the most knowledgeable when it comes to street hypnosis.

Vince Lynch has been at the forefront of that field, teaching thousands of hypnosis students in across the world in course locations such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon, Ibiza, His valuable knowledge can be seen through the level of interest he receives each month in his work with nearly a million people around the world having watched him perform hypnosis on YouTube, been to one of his shows or lectures, or seen him perf


orm in Street, bars, clubs across the world.

Here is a breakdown of the content included in the pack:

1# The Probably Illegal and Very Completely Guide to Street Hypnosis

This book contains the detailed techniques in order to know how to hypnotize strangers in the street.

Since the term has been coined ‘Street Hypnosis’ has become a collection of strategies, thinking, techniques that specializes purely in the goal of accomplishing instant hypnotic results with willing, semi-willing to unwilling participants.


The knowledge here is specifically designed to allow you to be able to hypn

otize strangers and overcome resistance, you’ll find that the information provided covers the level of detail required to work in a way that makes doing the impossible look easy.

The routines that people can perform from reading this book range from “getting a girls phone number” to convincing an audience that you are in fact invisible, to gaining access to a strangers bank accounts just using ordinary psychology, discovering peoples secrets, or making someone just feel more influenced by you.

You like many of the testimonials for this book will agree that this is ‘Street Hypnosis’


Here is what else you will discover in #1 Street Hypnosis:

- over 15 routines and inductions that you can use

- A model on how to discover which hypnotic subjects are fasinated

- How to know which groups of people to select

- Ways to enter a social group that will ensure you stay in it.

- The 5 keys to intercepting Free will.




#2 Street Hypnosis – The Advance techniques & Thinking

Receive the online training guide for how to hypnotize strangers, and learn from analyzing at YouTube videos.


This is over 100 A4 page (pdf) and kindle format explaining how to hypnotize strangers. This is the content that I have been sharing with my students, it is time-tested. Using these exact instructions I’ve turned plenty of guys who thought they knew something about psychology.. into experts who can demonstrate exactly what they talk about… In this guide covert applications of street hypnosis are also covered… including many of my most famous routines “Gaining a guy’s PIN number to his ban

k”, “Making a girl believe your her boyfriend”, “The Famous Vince Lynch Handshake” and much much more.


Here is what else you will discover in #2 Street Hypnosis:

- How to work out someone’s bank PIN number

- How to get guys to hand you over their wallets

- The handshake induction

- A covert hypnosis framework.

- How to get girls to kiss close you

- How to convince a girl in under a minute that she is your girlfriend.

- The power of the superneg.





STREET HYPNOSIS: Director’s Commentary

Detailed Analysis of Videos of Strangers



Over Six Hours Video Explanation of filmed interactions with strangers DVDVince Lynch goes into absolute detail about every suggestion he makes. Over the past 10 years Vince has been developing a completely different hypnotic language pattern to anything seen on the market before. This strategy will allow you to use simple psychological techniques and gain the same responses you would from a hypnotized subject. You will understand everything Vince says and does (and what he’s thinking when he does it) while he “covertly gains access to someone’s bank account”, “has money from the till handed over”, “has girls believe they are in a relationship with him” and much more.





Here is what else you will discover in #3 Director’s Commentary (DVD):

-Over 7 hours of detailed footage analyzing the responses of real strangers.

-The exact movement’s and phrases to make in order to cause the exact response in others.

-A detailed understanding of how your hypnosis subjects copy you, and how to make people who aren’t copying and being compliant to you become compliant to you.

- How to gain compliance, and shut down a person’s ability to think in under 30 seconds.

- The ways of making someone feel absolutely out of control and doing exactly what you say.

- How to work with people who are directly resisting you in street environments.


Mp3 recording “More About the Approach”


Here is what you will get in #4 “more about the approach”:







Your four week training package:

“Vince made it easy for me to learn in four weeks!”




This is a package of 4 Skype Training Sessions,  4 worksheets explaining what your current tasks are for this week,  4 detailed email responses. You are expected to spend at least one evening a week practicing Street Hypnosis..

Here is what else you will learn from the 4 weeks of training:



Convert – “Target Individuals”

What would you do if you wanted to be with someone, who wouldn’t speak to you? Because they hated you that much. They say you can’t hypnotize, despondent people, or people who don’t listen.







What would you do if you wanted to take a girl who refuses to talk to you, who has a boyfriend, and honestly dislikes you… and make her fall in love with you?

A lot of the hypnosis I do, the pick up artist companies have called ‘tricks’ or mind hacks. Saying they are just temporarily, like sure you can do ‘x’ or ‘y’ in under a minute but what does that prove? that’s just hypnotic phenomena!

I have to admit, when somethings that quick and easy you almost start to distrust it. That’s why I decided to set myself the impossible challenging of getting with a girl who refused to talk to me, because she simply didn’t like me, and change her mind. This is covert hypnosis.. and I call it “Convert”


Here is what else you will discover in #6 convert:

- instead of instantly performing a trick, this is how to seed an idea into the unconscious of someone you want to specifically target.

- Doing the parts reversal model in order to get inside someones head.

- How to deal with long term modifications in their thinking and behavior

- How to handle unpredictable environments.

-How to use hypnotic language over text message/phone calls/ dinner dates.

-A story you can tell that will instantly drop women to your feet.







Covert Hypnosis in order to make money out of guys… Vince has gone to different countries and been in situations where he has to do whatever he can to pay the nightly hotel bills, one of those ways was to practice his techniques to take money off groups of lads, in this Ebook he explains how.

Here is what else you will discover in #7 “How to get money out of guys”:

- how to make people you meet really happy.

- How getting large emotions out of people can really be a quick way to control them.



 HYPNOSIS OVER TEXT (EXPLAINED) Vince Lynch learnt hypnosis mainly through his early interactions through IRC chat, MSN chat, and other places where he attempted to hypnotize people he met in chatrooms to do things they’d never usually do – just using the power of text. In this oldskool remix Vince decides to go through various transcripts from 2004-2008 and criticize the way he used to perform hypnosis in order to demonstrate the common mistakes hypnotists that hypnotists make when performing short form hypnosis.This comes with over 3 hours of video where Vince takes you on a Journey with him into the mind’s of other people on Facebook chat. As he has strangers agree to be hypnotized by him, he will explain every suggestion he delivers… while you watch a live recorded video screencast, the reactions of the subjects, and Vince’s detailed analysis of himself and the responses he achieves over text chat. (recorded summer 2012)



“A Hypnotist can persuade a stranger!”

This is the video from a recent lecture I did for a well known scientific organisation. I explain how hypnosis doesn’t exist and why its possible to make strangers do anything regardless including the relevant scientific evidence supporting this.





*Bonus* Articles & Pod-casts from inside the members section*

Gain access to the members section where a variety of content, writings, podcasts, interviews and other free information is stored. This information will be good to look at from time to time after you’ve fully studied all the information within the course and your now advanced in using suggestion in normal public environments.

You will discover lots of details #12 from the podcasts and articles including:

- How to hypnotize hot girls in noisy environments

- Vince’s Covert System to parts persuasion-influence on strangers

- Hours of Audio explaination of covert hypnosis

- Over 50 articles covering a wide variety of topics

- Interviews with famous PUA’s such as Ross Jeffries, Arash Dibazar

You Will Get Complete Access To My 4-Week access to my 1-2-1 training programme

Not only do you get immediate access to all of the products we have available. But you will be able to participate in my 4 week intensive street hypnotism program, which includes weekly voice calls. These will cover all the concepts, approach and techniques in greater detail and you’ll be free to ask me questions, and for me to be able to track your success.

You will also get complete access to existing and future recordings from these public voice calls.

So How Much Will Life-Time Access to The 
Full E pack Members Section cost you? 

I will be the first one to admit that becoming a life time member of Street Hypnotism, is not cheap. The details in the course are the most sophisticated out there and will cost you a one-time fee of £250. There isn’t a ongoing subscription payment, or continuity fees to access the increasing catalogue of my information.

Actually, if you are a member for life, you will get regular free upgrades to the full E pack Members course. This course is constantly updated in order to ensure the most up to date changes in psychology, and hypnosis theory are integrated into the approach, my goal is to keep all of my members in the Top 5% in sophisticated technology out of all the hypnotists out there.

I also have an easy three month installment plan for people who can’t afford the one time fee. This will help spread the payments over 3 months in order so you can join the E Pack Members section today and start hypnotizing people.

I know for a fact that the price is the last thing on your mind after reading about all of the information included in the products, my story, and the testimonials and success stories of my current students of the course.

But you must note, that after I sell a certain number of courses, I will increase the price. As I will need to leave the computer for large lengths of time in order to deliver lectures and training around the world. At this point I will pay a management team to be the customer service and sales authority over who joins the site, the price is currently this low – because I’m personally here offering this to you, rather than paying someone to offer it to you. This means that soon this sales page will be updated to include the new price.

Here Is My Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s my life motto, to under promise and over deliver.

I promise that when you order the full 250 E Pack and review the materials, you will be completely amazed.

This is why I offer you a FULL 30-DAYS to read through and use the materials.

If at any point you are not completely satisfied with the Full E 250 pack, you may ask for a complete refund of your money, no questions will be asked.

This is my perfect, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

There is no risk whatsoever. You have the absolute right to prompt a full refund of your course at any point during the 30 day period.

Does that sound fair?

So if your ready to go on an exciting journey into the realms of consciousness and snapping free will of suspecting and unsuspecting victims, I suggest you order your copy of the Full 250 E Pack today.

If you are interested in the product then please finish reading the sales page before purchasing. 


Vince Lynch

P.S. – I have literally flown around the world twice, trying every technique, idea theory, meeting all the hypnosis trainers, reading through their content, emailing, skyping, networking – this has cost me ten’s of thousands of pounds. Save yourself the time and money by purchasing the Full E pack and getting the most detailed techniques today.