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vince lynchVince as a Street Hypnosis International Guru (26) has been a professional Street Hypnosis instructor for nearly 10 years now. Teaching hypnosis has taken him around the world and has allowed him to teach plenty of students to become better hypnotists.

Many of the hypnotists Vince has taught have been working for years as hypnotherapists or stage hypnotists, but suddenly want to be able to get out there and perform quick demonstrations of hypnosis in bars, streets, nightclubs.

Because the hypnosis Vince has been developing and working on for the last ten years is focused on directly and quickly hypnotizing strangers with their eyes open, this means much of the hypnosis Vince teaches can be easily applied to performance of magic. I.e. the hypnosis can be performed as part of a card trick. If you want to get started on how to hypnotize someone then start here.


Vince Distributes Hundreds of Copies Of  his ‘Street Hypnosis Book’

vince lynch street hypnosisFollowing the further publication of Vince’s Street Hypnosis Book, he further published a book that was picked up by various news sources and on-line magazines.

So what exactly is this Vince street Hypnosis book and why is it so special? Well, firstly Street Hypnosis was a bit of a twist on the convention of ‘learning hypnosis’ or NLP courses that became popular particularly since the third wave’s of psychology’s (1970’s) Human Potential movement arouse, now kind of know as the Self Development, or Personal Development community.

Before Vince got started, the only ways to learn hypnosis were either you would study to become a hypnotherapist, all your training would be how to sit a client down, and slowly over an hour and a half work with their doubts and fears… actually little hypnosis was really involved at all. In other extrodinarily rare cases, a student who wanted to develop a career as a stage hypnotist, would apply to work as an assistant of a stage hypnotist and follow him to gigs, set up the microphone, and slowly get to learn how to perform one or two comedy routines with hypnotic subjects once they had been throughout hypnotized, a slow process that usually took at least 60% of the entire show time.

Although Vince, hasn’t become especially famous or recognized in traditional media, his Youtube Videos have been watched by nearly a million people around the world, and have astounded those from magicians, mind readers, other hypnotists, and people who are purely just interested in watching and learning from his extraordinary brand of Vince’s Street Hypnosis

What makes Vince’s Street Hypnosis – interesting;

1) He’s published six books, including the first book on Street Hypnosis. For Vince Street Hypnosis has been a process that has been the centre focus of his life for a number of years, and he is very grateful that hundreds of people have now read Vince  Street Hypnosis since it’s publication in 2012.

2) He’s founded several companies,including one that has allowed me to travel the world since 2010, so I can meet people and have fun.

3) Vince has been traveling around the world since 2008, starting companies, developing, writing, and delivering awesome trainings. Inspired by The Game & 4 Hour Workweek I’ve developed hypnosis systems, and pua systems, that easy to understand.. that get results without effort.

4) Vince was featured on the cover of Portugal’s Biggest tabloid, and was featured in New York Newspapers for my Off Broadway show.

5) Vince lectured at universities and conferences around the world. See my presentation on Cognitive Neuroscience from the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. I presented at Igors Street Hypnosis conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. I presented coaching sessions for Hypnosis Training Live. I demonstrated on “How to make anyone do anything” at Monash University and online. I’ve spoken all over the world at numerous conferences and universities.

6) Vince has helped over 700 people overcome their doubts and fears by teaching them how to focus their energies and walk over hot fire coals, across the United Kingdom, and London area.

7) Vince has taught thousands of hypnosis students become street hypnotists & pick up artists through my online training & live seminars. See what pick up artists like Vince Lin, Arash Dibazar, or hypnotists such as Ross Jeffries or Derren Brown think about my work.

8) What did he study? Vince studied at London School of Economics in the Entrepeneurship, Leadership, and Strategic, (with a focus on business and management). If you let me help you. get in contact with me by email, I’ve been featured on MTV, NY Daily News, Empire Magazine, TimeOut, BBC radio, and many more.

9) What does he enjoy?  passions are magic, hypnosis, and girls. I am a bit of a showman, and have weekly gigs at restaurants, bars, clubs, corporate launch events, and trainings and presentations… he also has a great love for marketing and has been offering Search Engine Optimization and conversion analysis.

Why is Vince’s Street Hypnosis the kind of thing that I’d want to learn?

Vince Lynch Street Hypnosis

The ‘Vince Street Hypnosis’ – How to Hypnotize Anybody – brand is truly unique…

 In 2008 Vince released a mind reading trick for the mentalism community called ‘Psychology, Beyond Boundaries – Drawing duplication’ this trick was a way of discovering what drawing another person was thinking of. Since then however Vince has focused on developing ‘Really Read Minds’ which was a psychology method Vince developed in order to be able to work out what a strangers PIN number was, by literally reading their mind – using hypnosis. This was the first real psychological way to get someone’s PIN number as part of a normal conversation – ever developed in the world – ever.

Since 2008, Vince started delivering Motivational Firewalk workshops for small businesses, where he would teach about NLP, Hypnosis, and motivational advice.

StreetHypnosisVince has taught hypnosis to students in over 30 countries around the world with many courses been run in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, San Diego, London, Manchester, Melbourne, Amsterdam and many more locations.

In 2010, Vince worked on a TV program with Joao Blumel in Lisbon Portugal that, and helped develop a variety of approaches for using hypnosis for influence within a stage approach. His Brand of Vince Street Hypnosis has been critical in the design of many applications of Street Hypnosis for many magicians and mentalists, and he has received appraise from many magicians now using Vince Street Hypnosis in their acts, or television appearances.

In 2o11, Vince delivered some stage hypnosis shows just off Broadway, New York “The psychology of making anyone do anything”

The reason why Vince’s work is high in demand, is because of he seems to be able to do many things that hypnotists who have performed hypnosis for decades seem unable to do, and his students get similar results. He claims to have a method to ‘really read minds’ and a way of ‘making anyone do anything’

In fact, since 2009 Vince worked as a pick up artist instructor for GetmetheGirl which is a UK (PUA) firm, Vince was the lead Instructor, he delivered PUA bootcamps and trainings across the UK.

Vince Lynch Street Hypnosis

Vince Street Hypnosis is a topic that he has been interviewed by, BBC radio Leicester, MTV New York, Capital Radio, he has been featured in TimeOut magazine, the Metro newspaper, Daily News New York, performed for Porsche, for Maxim, been featured in Empire Magazine, and many more.instructor and would be fully booked every weekend of the year either involved in helping train street hypnosis students or be teaching guys how to use covert hypnosis for a PUA perspective.

Much of Vince  Street Hypnosis work has been successfully ported from ‘Street Hypnosis’ directly into persuasion, and influence skills. And Vince has taught these persuasion products to universities, such as the upcoming lecture at the University of Monash, in Melbourne, Australia. The US Chamber of Commerce, and the US Embassy, and the Champalimaud – Neuro-scientific investigation center, to which Vince delivered a lecture on how hypnosis can be used for influence to over 500 people in the room, and broadcasted through an online tv station to people all across the world.

For more information on how to hypnotize someone, or to look at his products then click on the links on the page.