Differences of NLP Seduction Patterns and Speed Seduction

What are the differences between NLP seduction patterns and Speed Seductions?

In this article we are going to provide various examples of NLP seduction patterns that you can use in order to get chicks. But first a little history;

Basically in the 1960’s there was a school of psychology that came out of the post-Freudian era of the unconscious mind and instead of focusing on the problems of the unconscious interfering with thoughts and behaviour the main focus of the movement instead of focusing on people who had psychopathology, or some kind of psychological issue caused by the unconscious.

They instead decided to focus on people who seemed to have an unconscious mindset that seemed to promote success. Until this time in history, there was no Coaches, no Pick up Artists, No NLP Seduction patterns… that kind of success psychology didn’t exist yet.

The Beginners of NLP Seduction

One of the early books on the matter in the 1970’s was called the inner game of tennis in that book they focused on the various techniques that tennis players who seemed to basically excel at the game, seemed to do psychologically to make them win the game (Lol not the NLP Seduction pattern game) .

This human behaviour movement was really the third wave in psychology following the Psychoanalytical movement, and the Humanistic movement.

They believed that this extraordinary potential to be amazing existing within all people, but it’s just that they weren’t using their brains in the same way as those who were achieving greatness, as obviously there aren’t really many differences between one person to the next, we have roughly the same DNA, roughly the same brain, roughly the same standard of health, roughly the same standard of wealth.

We all roughly have equal opportunities, so the argument is, that it must be that those who have a different attitude, or use their brains in a different way must share characteristics in the way they mentally do things as other high achievers.

By the late 1970’s this started off a bit of a trend into ‘Quick Fixes’ for huma
n potential, i.e. store bought off the shelve psychology that people could basically quickly dissolve in order to improve themselves, which really led to the self improvement movement.

In addition to NLP basically being about how to use your own brain in order to build an attitude, and characteristics in thinking that match those that already have successful within that field. NLP also became about practitioners of the art helping others to, and coaching them in how to mimic the mindset of other high achievers in their sport/industry and teach these micro-psychological skills that these ‘experts’ had learnt to those who wanted to develop the same level of success.

These common components of mental structure that the unconscious mind seemed to be bounce within, became the NLP model, and it teaches how;

– People can motivate themselves

– People can feel overwhemled or compelled to do something

– People can accidentally move towards a future they don’t want

– People can spot positive and good opportunities.

(this isn’t NLP seduction patterns yet this is just explaining where NLP comes from)

Following this thinkers like Ross Jeffries who were originally involved in the early training, and attendance in the various human potential movement workshops, began to run their own workshops taking the various similar ways of thinking about mental behaviours and mindset and then teaching those who want success in their lives in other niches.

Ross Jeffries helped guys who unlike many of the players in Los Angeles, instead were guys who were really struggling to get any kind of attention from girls, these guys were basically intelligent, or geeky guys who really should be achieving quality in their lives considering how intelligent they are, but were struglling and ultimately failing in that sector of their lives.

He developed an approach called ‘Speed Seduction’ which basically was where he took NLP persuasion patterns that were good at making other people motivated, excited, enthuastic, warm, feel like they are in rapport, want to take action, want to be naughty, want to be silly…. (essentially NLP Seduction patterns) he took those kinds of sequences in mental technology that bare simularity with the NLP movement and taught that kind of technique based methodology to these intelligent guys who were obviously good at learning but not very good at being attractive, therefore allowing them to become expert persuaders and ultimately experts in NLP seduction patterns.

So what’s the difference between NLP seduction Patterns and Speed Seduction?

Now you could say that Ross Jeffries, or Speed Seduction or NLP seduction patterns are really just part of the pick up artist movement, however this isn’t how thinkers of NLP seduction patterns believe; see many of those gurus don’t actually believe that trying to teach everyone social skills, or how to dress smart, or look nice, is a good idea because they think that some people have no hope in becoming good in those fields.

So instead the focus of NLP seduction patterns and Speed seduction is to instead of doing ‘self development’ that any book or any company could teach you, instead to focus on persuasion patterns to make you more influencial with the opposite sex.

Can Real Self Improvement Exist in ‘Getting Girls’ without NLP Seduction Patterns?

If you look at many of the greats in history who were good at NLP Seduction Patterns; they were former students of a Master NLP seduction pattern guru, who basically wanted to ditch the NLP seduction patterns to sell cheap easily digestible motivational psychology.

Unfortunately most of the these kind of companies actually sell the kind of psychology – “Be Positive”, “Sound Confident” you would learn out the back of a woman’s magazine – with zero mention of the persuasive language behind NLP seduction patterns , however the material developed by Ross Jeffries is very different to this. No his stuff is literally insane.

See, until very recently they didn’t know what hypnosis is, people thought it was trance and that sort of thing, ross Jeffries however seemed way switched on even in the early days, he seemed to know instrictly that hypnosis isn’t trance and thus had no issue with using it to pick up girls… because Hypnosis doesn’t really exist, it really is just normal NLP seduction patterns psychology.

Vince Explains NLP seduction patterns

New Guide to NLP Seduction patterns

See, its essential that you prove that hypnosis doesn’t require unconsciousness before you proceed to turning it into a model in order to get members of the opposite sex, else it might just come across a little bit like rape. It needs to be clear that the person your speaking to at least…..

When designing his NLP seduction Patterns Ross Jeffries seemed to cotton on that in fact there was no alterations in the brain and he seemed to take what looked  like an NLP seduction patterns approach and use that to get girls! (Utter Genius) This has resulted in a really logical approach.It’s not ‘forcing someone’ without their consent, providing you don’t alter the physiology of someone’s brain using the NLP seduction patterns, then there is no law to protect someone from you doing this to them, the only real issue was whether someones brain actually did change because if someones brain did change then it would be a real issue.


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