Sex location

Where is the place that you will be having sex if you can progress to this level, its important to have this endgame in mind as it is good motivation (assuming your motivated) that will drive you on to pursue the girl to the N’th degree, Bare in mind that many times during the set you could be ‘bitch tested’ or shielded out, and this especially happens when your trying to switch location, (i,e. Bounce) or take back to the sex location, therefore by reducing the complexity of the process of the venue to the sex location is key to reducing the level of shield you experience and have to alpha through.

About Vince

Vince, 26 is an International Street Hypnosis trainer, he has taught and consulted on hypnosis to many organisations, individuals, magicians, and hypnotherapists who are looking to jump into the next league and break free of old patterns, and formal inductions into the boundless world of persuasion.